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About us

Bicol Umalohokan is a group of local communicators from the Bicol Region formed because of Oscar M. Lopez Center's Umalohokan Fellowship under the Balangay Media Project 2021 which is OMLC's initiative for climate action campaigns.

The team is composed of Solutions Journalism practitioner Mavic Conde, Sustainable Development Goals accelerator Apple Allison, and tourism consultant Rome Candaza.

Our first campaign for 2021 focuses on the practice of saving seeds in the Philippines, as an example of sustainable climate action and act for SDG #12, responsible food consumption and production.

We also aim to highlight the importance and practicality of

Saving Seeds as a scalable Climate Solution.

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Why the practice of saving seeds?

This approach puts front and center the rights and welfare of people, as well as the protection of biodiversity and the environment. This is a stark contrast to the human activities that involve massive greenhouse gas emissions which according to the 2021 IPCC report is undoubtedly the cause of climate change.

This campaign is also a support for movements that call for transformation of our food systems through agroecology which embraces the local/community-based system for food production.

  1. Can seed be saved? -This is our way of engaging with online users - what they know so far, what they want to know, and how our group can highlight more this practice and the people doing it. And relate it to climate change and climate actions we can take part in: If not as food producers, as consumers.

Global food production contributes a quarter of the world's greenhouse gas emissions, with crop production for direct human consumption accounts for 21 percent of food emissions, according to Our World In Data summary report which is based on the 2018 study by Joseph Poore and Thomas Nemecek published in Science.

Mavic Conde

Solutions Journalist

Rome Candaza

Sustainable Farm Tourism Consultant

Apple Allison

#SDG2030 Advocate and Storyteller


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